funding Programs

Assists those with a developmental disability by connecting them to ministry-funded services available within their city. Funding is issued for required supports including adult protective service worker, behavioural services, passport program, housing supports, community participation supports.

Unfortunately, many people who are considered to be higher functioning by developmental services do not qualify for these supports. Higher functioning autism is a term used to describe someone who has autism and their symptoms are on the milder side of the spectrum. Ineligibility for developmental services supports because someone is higher functioning is a common concern among many people within the autism community. This has been my experience. More work is needed in this area to include all people on the spectrum when approving developmental service supports. For a full listing of DSO supports, visit their website here.

Funding is provided to those with a disability and who qualify for ODSP. The funding is intended for rent and living expenses.Start applying here.

An Autism Ontario award set up in honour of David Conforti. David was an inspiring young man who made a difference in his community of York region, Ontario. David had autism and inspired others through his numerous volunteer commitments. The award was created to award those with autism who are outstanding volunteers.Visit the Autism Ontario website to learn more about this as well as other scholarships for those on the spectrum.

A one time reimbursement directly to adults with autism in Ontario. The fund is designed to provide greater financial assistance to adults who have autism in order to access greater participation in their communities.Start applying here